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Palavras-Chave: Violência de Gênero. The present work refers to the intervention in gender-based violence and the in effectiveness of the mechanisms used to protect women's rights and to eradicate violence in this context. In recent times, the number of registered femicides in Brazil and in the world has risen sharply, causing a strong concern with the prevention and eradication of such violence in order to build a more just and egalitarian society. Gender violence is an old fact, but it has been more visible nowadays as a result of increasing disclosures, including in social networks, which gives strength, but is not yet sufficient for total eradication. The issue raises concerns, given that more and more women become victims, without listing unregistered cases, as well as the posture of some countries in the treatment of these victims.

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E eu acredito me incluir nessa categoria. Imagina uma criança? Sequer tenho tempo pra mim! Exatamente bem. Cada um sabe o que quer e como guiar sua vida.

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DOI: O presente relato foi redigido como um processo de coser uma colcha de retalhos, a partir do movimento de tecer linhas em busca de sentidos. This report was written as a process of sewing a patchwork quilt, from weaving threads in search of meanings. The author, a researcher professor, started from her own experience in the context of social distancing caused by the COVID pandemic, in this year ofand made a phenomenological analysis, clipping personal narrative excerpts in italicswhich referred to the meanings of this experience, interpreting them based on the literature on COVID, work, gender, women, motherhood and teaching. As a result, she realized that her quality of life was affected when she was unable to exercise her function in the workplace, and was called upon to assume the tasks of her role beyond the job, without leaving home. She concluded about the possibilities of coping with suffering, resignifying suffering in the pandemic by the working woman and mother: assuming and sharing suffering; opening up to self-fulfilling tasks; organizing in time. Concluyó sobre posibilidades de enfrentamiento y resignificación del sufrimiento en la pandemia por la mujer trabajadora y madre: asumir el compartir el sufrimiento; abrirse a tareas autorrealizadoras; organizarse en el tiempo.

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